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If you are looking for a dedicated dance instructor whose focus is to teach you the right and precise technique through which you will become a really good dancer, you have just found the right person!

Learn the right and precise technique of the leading and the following as well as nice Footwork, Spinning-Technique, Style, Bodymotion and of course many elegant and sophisticated Salsa – or Dominican Bachata moves.

With me, before learning how to dance, you will first learn to hear and feel the rhythm of the music and to freely interpret it.
The basic step is the most important thing you should first learn properly! Not for no reason is it called basic step! There is no point in learning by heart to perform somehow sophisticated advanced moves but at the same time without being really able to dance the basic step properly and feel the music, which is actually exactly not only what makes your dancing look professional and smooth but it also provides you with the confidence of a professional dancer.

Personally, I have seen too many dancers who believe to be and define themselves as “advanced dancers”  but in reality they still struggle not only with the technique of the leading and the following as well as with the spinning but sometimes even with the basic. This is not going to happen to you if you take my lessons seriously and do the homework that I will give you. I will definitely make you to a good dancer.

Private lessons are the most effective way to learn Salsa and or Bachata since I can concentrate entirely on you and focus on your individual requisites thus providing you with all you need to improve steadily, gain self confidence and become a good dancer. Find out more...

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