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As a child I was a live wire, always running up and down. In fact, I count myself lucky to have belongend to that sort of children who still used to play real games outside instead of videogames.
Physical activities have appealed to me ever since. I took part to athletic activities, I used to play soccer, I used to train taekwondo till the blue belt, but dancing was not my cup of tea.

I remember that when it happened that I had to join friends at a birthdayparty or the like I always felt ashamed of dancing. At the same time I envied my cousin looking that cool when dancing some break-dance a la sort of Michael Jackson.
In fact, he attended dance classes. I used to be the one who just sat in his chair and did not dare to join the dancing guys at a party.

Some years later I became close friends with two sibings who used to be disc jockeys. I immediately liked standing behind the DJ-console and produce music at parties. In fact, we were quite successful and well known in our city. People often hired us for making music at their birthday parties or at other events.

I remember one of this two guys knew a nice dance step. I once asked him to break it down to me. I learnt it.
At the next occasion I tried it out. It was again a birthday party; I remember I couldn't stop dancing, performing the same step all the time but somehow I was able to add some flavour to it.
That was the very first time I dared to dance without feeling any shame at all. One could think, how barefaced I was! :-)

Seriously though, that moment was my breakthrough.
As a teenager and later on, I used to go to Discos with friend. My favourite music genre was trance/psychedaelic, though I also enjoyed dancing to 70s music. I really enjoyed feeling the music and letting my body express itself freely.
Apart from that, never had I dreamt of learning a real dance, you know, something like Salsa, Tango, Bachata, etc.

Well, keeping it short and simple- fair enough - I discovered Salsa only years later when I moved to Berlin, Germany.
A friend of mine used to work in a bar where they used to teach salsa. He persuaded me to take some lessons. I did, but I wasn't really gagging for it!
Once I went to the Havanna Club in Berlin and saw a guy dancing Salsa Cross Body Style like a God! I watched him dancing with mouth agape wondering how the hell could he dance that devilishly well!?
Besides, I asked myself how was it possible that the girl who he was dancing with could understand and interpret his leading that easily?
Inspite of my lay eyes I remember I could nevertheless suss out that he had an incredible precise leading technique. It just looked smooth and harmonious.

That was the moment at which I finally found out that, at heart, what I really wanted was to dance like that.
From this moment on, I began attending dance classes at different dance schools in Berlin and in Italy. I took it very seriously. I really wanted to learn the right and precise technique of the dancing.
An hard work though but at the same time very satisfying. I started training hard, attending also workshops and Salsa/Bachata festivals across Europe and going social dancing, of course. A thing I have always been interested in since then is observing different dancers while dancing and try to catch something special from them and integrate in my knowledge.
Also, I have taken part to advance training in New York and Puerto Rico which toughened up my skills and technicality.

Almost at the same time I started loving Salsa, I also started loving Dominican Bachata because of its marvellous rhythm and all the sofisticated footwork you can dance to it.

My zeal, dedication and talent made me improve fast. Of course, I will keep training for there is always something to learn and to improve. My core focus has always been the right and precise technique, because believe it or not, this is a necessary ingredient one will need if she/he wants to really become a good dancer.
It sound like no fun but hard work. Well, sure as hell a very good guitarist, a pianist, a ballet dancer, a salsa dancer, [and the list could go on for ever..] needs the same effort and dedication to reach that level which makes him unique.
No pain, no gain. But of course it is not only hard work! When you are good at something, you definitely have fun and will love it.

I started teaching Salsa in Berlin and have been teaching it for the last 6 years since then, both privately and at dance schools.
I have always liked teaching. It is just my cup of tea. In fact, a part from being a Dance Instructor, I am a qualified Secondary School teacher.
I give my best to pass on to my students all my knowledge and provide them with all they need to become good dancers.

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