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The Importance of Footwork

Posted by on February 2, 2014

“Why should I bother to learn difficult footwork, just show my some nice partner-figures!” I have heard so many learners say. It is true: learning footwork requires perseverance and dedication. But this is exactly why footwork is the most important part in becoming a truly good dancer. After all: if becoming a good dancer would not require at least a little bit of hard work, you would miss out on that rewarding feeling of having achieved something great at the end.

Take a look at the dancefloor and you will see many guys spinning their partner around in sophisticated salsa figures but at the same time barely moving their own feet. That is why footwork is indispensable: it enables you to move with the rhythm and improvise along with whatever dance figure you are performing. The more footwork patterns you learn, the more you will learn to feel, love and play with the rhythm. Also, learning new and complicated patterns with your partner will be so much easier, since you will not have to think so much about your feet anymore.


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3 Responses to The Importance of Footwork

  1. Katie

    I would really like to learn some cool-looking footwork. I have tried, but it is not easy, I am still a beginner.

  2. Domenico Stepbystepsalsa

    Don’t worry, there are many simple though elegant footwork patterns for beginners. In fact, learning footwork is a good way to start. Where did you try to learn footwork patterns? Most teachers in open lessons do not take the time to go into depth with footwork. I would recommend you to try a private lesson.

  3. Domenico Stepbystepsalsa

    I just wanted to add something to this topic.
    When I go social dancing, I like to observe other dancers while dancing.
    There are many type of them. Those who really feel the music, have a sound grasp of the musicality and are able to dance to the music enojoying it deeply;
    those who are just too busy with/concerned of their showing off that they look just ridiculous and often these dancers do not really hear the music – perhaps if you silently change the music and make some rock & rock, they wouln’t even notice it :p;
    those who are just too busy with their sofisticated patterns (especially the leading part) that they too often forget to move their feet . The latter are the worst kind;

    They are not really dancing, they are only making their partner dance and every once in a while they remember that they are also dancing, so they finally move some lazy steps.
    In my opinion, being a good solo dancer is essential. Footwork bread and butter for your feet/legs.
    Just to make a comparison between f the “static feet” of many croosbody style dancers (especially the leading part) and a salsa cali stle dancer,
    look at this guys – especially him – Look at his feet!

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